It is a chicken and egg situation. E-Cigarette is much healthier than an ordinary cigarette. E-Cigarette is less harmful than an ordinary cigarette.

Both the statements are alike as chalk and cheese. While the first statement seems to make out that E-Cigarette is healthier than an ordinary cigarette or somehow it meant that cigarette is very healthy and e-cigarette is healthier. But that is how most e-cigarette manufacturers market their stuff.

Health authorities are worried sick about the widely believed misconception regarding e-cigarettes.

Right when the healthy officials were basking in the glory of having brought down the numbers of smokers nationwide, they are facing a new and much more deadly adversary, deadly, because its use comes with a false sense of smugness and security.

Use of e-cigarettes is increasing at a geometric rate. Latest report by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has revealed that sale of e-cigarettes has reached 2.6 million in Britain.

It was 2.31 million only 5 months back. Worse, most of the new smokers are ex smokers, bursting the myth that it actually helps smokers kick off the habit.

Last year 15 percent of the respondents felt that e-cigarette is dangerous for health.

However due to increased awareness, this figure has increased to 22 percent. It shows that experts have been able to spread awareness about the e-cigarettes.

e-cigerate usa

It shows that experts have succeeded in spreading awareness about the e-cigarette.

Many smokers are trying to give up smoking with the help of tobacco.  On the other hand, numerous people have started believing that e-cigarettes are as harmful as ordinary cigarettes.

However there are equally strong lobbies of people who think that e-cigarette helps to kick off the habit even of hardnosed smokers. A shrill campaign against e-cigarettes has discouraged a number of smokers from using e-cigarettes.

Therefore they keep on smoking traditional cigarettes whjich is much more hazardous. The rapid rise in this false perception poses a big threat to smokers.

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