E-Cigarettes once hailed as a valuable aid in helping cigarette smokers kick off the habit. However recent studies have thrown up fresh doubts about its propounded benefits. A recent small but significant research held in Scotland hints that e-cigarettes may not help smokers give up the habit of smoking and in fact it could provoke former smokers to start smoking once again.

Researchers associated with the study interviewed 64 volunteers and asked about their experiences about e-cigarettes. The study was being conducted to ascertain the benefits and the harmful effects about e-cigarettes. Interestingly the study revealed that use of e-cigarettes encouraged former smokers to start smoking again.

Giving her views, study author Amanda Amos, a researcher at the Center for Population Health Sciences at the University of Edinburgh Medical School said that E-Cigarettes being a new product, its risks are becoming evident now.

Amos and her team in the past year managed to study 12 focus groups and interview 11 individual groups of volunteers. The volunteers included a mix of present and former smokers. Most of the volunteers were not convinced about the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as an aid in quitting smoking. Many did not even consider as effective as gums and patches in helping persons quit smoking. A small minority of volunteers considered it as a better replacement for smoking while most thought that it didn’t help them quit smoking.

E-Cigarettes were once hailed as a valuable aid among smokers to quit smoking without completely getting over their habit. E-cigarettes did not contain tobacco which is considered as the worst ingredient in any conventional cigarette. However it must be noted that e-cigarettes still contained nicotine which is addictive and harmful for health.

The study was a small effort to find out the beneficial and the harmful effects of e-cigarettes. Though it did not clearly conclude that e-cigarettes are beneficial or harmful but did raise questions about the much touted health-friendly nature of e-cigarettes.

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  1. Jules

    I never comment on news articles but this just made me so angry! I smoked 40+ cigarettes a day since I was 15. I’ve tried EVERYTHING you could imagine to kick them since my mid-20’s. E-cigs are the only method that worked, weaning myself first off the nicotine, then off the physical habit. Happily non-smoking for almost five years now. My mother smoked 60+ cigarettes a day, e-cigs helped her kick her habit over three years ago. Husband, family and friends – all helped by e-cigs. This kind of pseudo-journalism makes my blood boil when you consider how many people could be turned off using this life-saving device after reading it.

  2. Jurie Botha

    Someone needs to explain the difference between a study and a survey to the “researcher”.

    Could someone link the actual study here please – I’d like to see on what grounds the participants were chosen, or disqualified. My guess is that anyone who successfully quit smoking via ecig was immediately disqualified.

    More Junk-Science from our friends in Pharma would be my guess.

  3. Nate

    Amazingly, the straw-grasping effort of anti-vaping extremists continue to get even more absurd. The only credible takeaway from this survey (calling it a “study” is an affront to actual studies) is that a few dozen people somewhere in Scotland don’t know a whole lot about vapor products. How anyone can contort this into “ZOMG E-CIGS MAKE PEOPLE START SMOKING AGAIN!!!” is pretty much inexplicable. If you used these same data to argue that purple unicorns cause alien abduction, it actually wouldn’t be any more ridiculous.


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