Ecobee, the Canadian company famous for making thermostat, has now released a new thermostat which includes features any smart home should have. The new thermostat from the company is supposedly the best design the company has ever made, and it is only priced at $249, which is comparatively very low when compared with the features that comes bundled with it.

The new thermostat from the Ecobee has a 3.5 inches capacitive touch screen and takes the full use of the home WiFi network. However, the company is packing it with a sensor that can be placed in any room, which when activated sends out the room temperature to the new innovative thermostat. Not only this, the sensor also conveys your exact information back to the thermostat. It can learn your daily habits and can automatically adjust the room temperature accordingly.

However, for a pack of extra two sensors, one has to pay around $80. Stuart Lombard, Co-founder of Ecobee, says that this new thermostat is not only smart, but can also save the electricity in the house. For an instance, if you are planning to put solar panels on the top of the roof, which costs around $26,000, this new thermostat equipped such advance technologies, it can save up to that much of the amount of money for a mere price of $249.

The new thermostat can help you track, monitor and adjust the temperature and the settings remotely, and it shows you the weather forecast and current weather conditions as soon as you pass by it. This new thermostat, without any doubt, is a take back on the Nest and available line of products.

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