Use of edible Marijuana is increasing across US and the seriousness of the situation can be gauged from the fact that there has been a massive increase in police seizure of edible marijuana across the country.

Pot edibles as they are known is much easier to smuggle than marijuana buds for the simple reason that they can resemble anything- lollypops, candies, or just home baked goodies and worse they do not have any tell tale smell. Few officers are in fact trained to detect dope from gummy bears, mints or neon colored drinks.

Experts are already ringing the alarm bell. Many feel these deceptive pot edibles will appeal teens and adolescents and are ill prepared for the slow high. Novices could eat too much, too fast and suffer from   anxiety attacks and symptoms resembling psychosis..

Robert J. MacCoun, a professor of law at Stanford who recently co-wrote an editorial in The New England Journal of Medicine urging stronger regulation of pot edibles said, “Citizens in no legalization states are far less likely to be receiving those messages, so their risks are probably greater.”

There are no data about the actual amount of pot edibles which are being trafficked across the states. Police and enforcement agencies are seizing increasing amounts in the past year. The quantities clearly hint that there is an ever increasing demand for these substances.

Some of the major seizures include-

  • 400 pounds of commercially made marijuana chocolate seized by Missouri troopers in February and driver arrested
  • 80 pounds of homemade marijuana sweets were seized by New Jersey state police last month from car of a Brooklyn man
  • 40 pounds of commercial marijuana products were seized by Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs in July. It included toffee like Cheeba Chews and bottles of cannabis lemonade

Mark Woodward, a spokesman for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs said, “There’s no doubt there’s a growing market for edible marijuana products.”

Edibles are important in a commercial sense for marijuana entrepreneurs. Early only the marijuana buds were commercially important and rest of the plant was discarded. Today with an extraction machine the entire plant can be used by makers of edible products.


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  1. Rob Shaffer

    And by “experts” you mean anti pot zealots who use scare tactics to get their way.

    Lets first be clear what a marijuana “overdose” looks like. If you ingest too much an Indica strain of marijuana you fall asleep and wake up just fine from your “overdose” if you ingest too much of a Sativa strain of marijuana you get very edgy and may have a panic attack. Neither of these has ever killed a person in the history of mankind and marijuana has been around and eaten since man first roamed the earth, proven fact.
    If you are going to throw the word “overdose” around at least clarify what it actually means.
    By your own admission these “evil edibles” are taking the nation by storm and law enforcement cannot keep up with these rampant lawbreakers. Yet with all these edibles on every corner and behind every bush 6 children nationwide were admitted to a hospital? And released without harm but no one mentions that.
    Did you know that CBD the non psychoactive component of marijuana actually decreases your high? If you consume too much THC simply follow it up with more marijuana rich in CBD and it eases the symptoms. Yes I just said that ingesting more of the proper kind can reduce your high. Look it up, incidentally its also the CBD combined with THC that helps with seizures and a host of other illnesses.
    Since law enforcement cannot keep up and we are losing our 40 year war on the substance perhaps we should rethink our strategy.
    A legal dispensary in Colorado sells edibles which are broken down into 10 mg portions. There are pamphlets and posters in the waiting area as well as on the counters and products themselves advising to start slow with one dose, wait and see how it affects you.
    The dosage varies with each individual the same as pretty much any other medicine. If a person ignores the many warning and directions at each turn in the purchasing process and chooses to simply eat the whole thing they did that to themselves much like a drinker downing an entire bottle of whiskey in one sitting.
    The majority of Americans now favor legalization and reason is now starting to rule the day in place of a failed drug war that includes a benign at worse and beneficial at best plant that grows naturally out of mother earth.
    Even the Bible mentions that all seed bearing plants are given for food. If you are a Christian you can call God and the Bible wrong but that seems counter intuitive.
    Marijuana in various forms have always been with us and will always be with us. You cannot wage a war against a plant and win.
    Therefore you can keep the current policy of keeping drug dealers in business or strip their business away by providing a clean, safe, tested product regulated, taxed and controlled by a state agency.
    No different than a pharmacy on in regards to medical marijuana, you must prove your age and have the proper documentation to buy the medicine.
    No different than an liquor store in the recreational sense. You must be an adult to make a purchase.
    Stop spinning the wheels at the expense of all taxpayers. The plant war is over and the plant won.

  2. Z_West

    “Edibles are important in a commercial sense for marijuana entrepreneurs. Early only the marijuana buds were commercially important and rest of the plant was discarded. Today with an extraction machine the entire plant can be used by makers of edible products.”

    Extraction and infusion methods, related to cannabis have been well documented in the US since the 1840’s. And really, since the dawn of time in other cultures.

    These same methods are used for medicinal purposes as well.

    As with most issues related to freedom… Some parts of the country, just need to put down the bible and beer and get with the times.

  3. Bill B.

    I’m all for legalizing marijuana (it’s a win/win, period) and live in one of the states that have, but I’ve never understood why edibles were made legal. They are simply too risky and dangerous with children around and there are way too many irresponsible parents who will leave it laying around. Of course, people can still make their own edibles, but that is a private decision.

  4. 1dlbeall

    The edibles are not a problem in any way. The whole problem is the idiots in Washington DC and their War-On-Drugs or better known as The-War-On-People.

    As soon as the idiots in Washington DC get off their lazy asses and remove the CSA (controlled substances act) from the law books, these issues will be under control at that point in time.
    Prohibition is not working and must be ended, prohibition of all drugs must be replaced by regulations for all drugs. The CSA is not regulation in any way, it’s prohibition.

    politicians are to blame for all issues at this point, we have told them many times their law does not work, but they are to stupid to do anythihng.


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