Prescription drugs must be disbursed only against a prescription from a Medical Practitioner. Police agencies and community joined together to prevent the prescription drugs from falling into wrong hands.

The annual ‘take back’ day is a day when people could turn in their unwanted prescription drugs so that they can be put to better use.

Recent studies have revealed that teens are consuming or experimenting with drugs and they don’t need to go far but the medicine cabinet in their house to take pills of the other family members. The event not only keeps the prescription drugs from falling into wrong hands but it also helps to keep water sources pollution free by disposing off the drugs in a proper manner.

Sarah Baumgardner of the Western Virginia Water Authority explains,  “When people don’t properly dispose of their medicines down the drain, trace amounts of those chemical compounds could pass out through the waste water process and get into our rivers and we don’t want that.”

The event is gaining strength with each passing year. In 2010 the group had managed to collect 300 pounds of medicine. This year they have managed almost 5 times what they had collected in 2010.

Medicines like anti depressants and anxiolytics have potential for misuse if they fall into wrong and immature hands. It is therefore advisable to keep these classes of medicines under strict observation and dispose it off in a proper manner.

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