According to a new research published, the endangered California blue whale population has returned to near pre-whaling levels. There are 2,200 of these whales in the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean. Researchers believe that so many blue whales are struck by the ships every year more than the acceptable edges.

Though researchers are pleased with this news, the survival of these blue whales remains a concern as these whales can be struck by ships. Though these blue whales are the biggest animals on the planet, they can’t protect their self because as up to 33m in length and weighing in at up to 190 tones. They weigh around 200 tons, which is almost two to three times two to three times the heaviest known dinosaurs, and are close to 100 feet in length. The weight of their heart is equal to a car. An easy exhalation from these blue whales can throw water as high as 30 feet.

“The revitalization of California blue whales from whaling shows the capability of blue whale populations to restore under conscious and alert management and conservation measures,” reads the study. The California range is always seen in the castle area of the state, but they are frequently spotted in the Gulf of Alaska down to Costa Rica. Because there are two main and distinguish shapes and group of whales inhabitants, the California collection and others type that live near Japan and Russia.

The top investigator in the study, Monnahan, said, “Our judgments aren’t expected to deny California blue whales of protections that their total numbers have to go forward. California blue whales are improving population because we took serious steps to stop catches and start examining the situation. If we hadn’t, the inhabitants might have been pushed to near destruction towards death phase.”

The researchers used historical data to estimate the number of whales caught from each population between 1905 and 1971. They now estimate that the current population is 97 percent of the historical one, based on the data they used.

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