On the very first day of annual South by Southwest festival, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt talked about company’s efforts to defy any unauthorized access at their servers. Without going in much of details he said, the company has made all efforts in terms of protecting data from any unauthorized access and are continuing to strengthen it further.

Mr. Schmidt said, “we are pretty sure that information within Google is now safe from any government’s prying eyes.- Well then, now we can all forget about the whole.” He also included that the company has been attacked by Chinese in 2010 and by NSA in 2013, while NSA has been continuously monitoring and collecting data for last few years, its does not hold much of water that Google has been compromised just a year ago. 

While a believer of free and open internet for everyone, not just Americans, he thinks leaking of information is unethical and not heroic. Pointing to Julian Assange when he leaked the transcript of chat he had with Eric Schmidt, he said, ” shocked, shocked that Julian Assange leaked the transcript”.

With NSA and GCHQ snooping, more and more people are getting concerned about their privacy and internet security. Its not just about America, the very country in this world is being under some sort of surveillance. Since after the year 2013, a lot of information has been revealed by Edward Snowden regarding NSA plans to snoop and collect data across the world. While NSA says its for security purposes and tracking down terrorist groups right in their way a report came out that many companies like Google and Facebook voluntary took part in the PRISM program. Claiming it to be a fake, neither of the company accepted it.

Concluding with a statement “But there’s no way to hold back the technology. We can get through with more education, openness, entrepreneurship,capitalism,” Mr. Eric claims to have 100 percent security at the company’s service, but in the action of lawful forces government still can access to user’s data.

Whether its a point of security or not, no nation or organization has a right to take away individual’s private space. Even if your not connected to internet or any other communication device, you are still under a watch with more number of drones, cameras and satellites.

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