A non-binding resolution is being prepared by the European Parliament which would propose a split of Google’s search engine in Europe, from its other business. This would highly risk Google’s dominance in the search engine market. The concern was raised due to the American company’s rule over the search engine industry on the Internet. The draft does not however mention Google specifically; it is however understood as it is definitely the most dominant search engine in the whole of Europe. Google has however declined to comment anything over the said matter.


There has been a long history of criticism faced by Google in Europe, on various issues like privacy, tax policies and so on. Gary Reback, a US attorney who has filed complaints on behalf of companies against Google over fair search said, “It’s a strong expression of the fact that things are going to change. The parliament doesn’t bind the commission for sure, but they have to listen.”

European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said that she would be taking a representative sample of views from the parties, which are involved in the case and check on the latest industry developments before she takes any sort of action. There has also been a long term resentment, which has built up through the years in Europe. In a statement by Vestager, she has also made it clear that, “Google had failed to propose adequate remedies during the antitrust investigation by the commission.”

There are a number of possible solutions to the issue, which have been stated in a position paper. Google’s abusive dominant position in search engines and its ability to drive Internet traffic to favored sites has been clear. If Google continues with this anti-competitive behavior, then the legislature would be carried on. Other parties in parliament may also support the non-binding resolution, as they believe that search engines should not be legally allowed to use their market power to push forward other commercial activities of it’s own company.

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