Evernote, a service that allows you to write and share notes on the cloud, is now going to add yet another exciting features which allows you to chat with the other contributors you are working with. If you are the among who work collaboratively, then this new feature from Evernote is for you.

This new feature has already been integrated into the app, which allows the user to work seamlessly among several other people collaborating on the same project. It is again a great feature for all the users who have purchased a $10 service from the company.

While giving a talk at the annual conference, CEO Phil Libiin said that the Chat allows several people to work on the project, and it helps them to communicate in the real time. We all know what importance Chat feature hold, whether it is to be Facebook or Gmail, an individual is free from the wait that, usually, creeps in while sending an email.

The Chat feature will be available on almost platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, which will allow the users to share notes, links or a document.

“Our clients are very busy modern people. We help them be more productive,” Libin said, adding that his dream is for Evernote to continue existing for 100 years while maintaining the agility that characterizes a start-up.

Company has majority users from outside the US and has more market in the Latin America. Reports state that the company serves 70% of people outside the US.

“Latin America is the part of the world where we are growing the most,” Linda Kozlowski, Evernote’s VP of worldwide operations, said in an interview.

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