One of the latest innovations in technology is wearable technology, which is rapidly getting more and more popular. This recent innovation is seen in gadgets that can be worn by people, and hence it is named as wearable technology.

Wearable gadgets are quite different from Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) such as cameras or mobile phones. Unlike PDAs, these gadgets can be used as accessories or attached to clothing.

History of Wearable Tech

Advancement in this particular aspect of technology is relatively new. However, this concept was introduced a long time back. Transition of the conventional pocket watch into a wrist watch by Louis Carter in 1904 was amongst the earliest innovation in this field of technology.

Still, it is believed that evolvement of wearable tech actually started in 1960s, when a device was invented which helped gamblers to win at casinos. It is indeed interesting to know that such technology evolved so that people could cheat in casinos.


This device could automatically count cards, thus improving chances of a gambler to win the game. It worked on the concept of probability for enhancing the users’ winning chances. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to cheat at online casino but you can find tons of advices on a casino guide like to have more chances to win

Ever since then, concept of wearable technology underwent massive change. In the 1980s, another wearable device, calculator wristwatches took people by storm, similar to what smart watches do these days. However, not a lot of people owned this device because electronic gadgets were new at that time and owning one represented the person’s status. This era of calculator wrist watches did not last for long as these watches could not be worn for long time and were not user friendly.

Wearable Technology Today

Today, a lot of wearable gadgets have been developed. Most of these devices are designed to simply the life of people. They are meant to take technology to a different level altogether. One wearable gadget that has been heavily adopted is Bluetooth devices. In fact, Bluetooth device was the first wearable gadget to be introduced in recent past.

It is a huge hit and a lot of people are using it in their daily. For instance, Bluetooth headsets allow you to seamlessly have conversation over phone without the need of any wired headphone, thus adding to the convenience. A simple yet very useful gadget indeed.

Other devices that are catching a lot of attention nowadays include smart watches and Android powered eyewear. While smart watches are already readily available in the market, eyewear technology is quite close to being available commercially. Both of these gadgets will supposedly be linked to your smartphone. However, some of these devices do have their own independent features. They will be having voice control features which result in a lot more effortless conversation.

With wearable technology developing at a fast rate, people are demanding more and more innovation. To fulfil these demands, even further improvement is expected. Basically, wearable tech allows people to take advantage of technology without any interference in normal task. Convenience and ease of use is primary requirement. This field of technology is still under development and there is a huge scope for future development.

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