Microsoft after tracing clues back to an ex-employee, filed a law suit for stealing intellectual property of the company. Alex Kibkalo, a former senior architect at Microsoft who most recently served as a director of product management in 5nine Software, has been pressed with charges for stealing company’s secrets for a blogger.

After accepting the commitment of crime in front of Microsoft’s investigators, Kibkalo was arrested without bail. After filing the case in the Federal Court of Seattle, the Redmond giant had its man tracked down for the stealing of Windows 8 code. The man arrested also bragged about having Windows 7 files, passing of more confidential information to the French blogger and stealing of Microsoft Activation Server Software Development Kit, which is used for the activation and to avoid any illegal copies of Windows OS.

Company said, leaking of source code for a software like Windows, might pull down the entire enterprise. It will definitely will give birth to a lot more Windows related cyber crimes and propriety software such as Microsoft Activation Server Software Development Kit, which are solely for the internal use, may get reverse engineered for other malicious purposes.

Kibkalo has served the company for the more than seven years and had worked in the Lebanon also.  FBI agents said, the man was supposedly not happy with the promotions and appraisal he was getting in the company and to take the revenge he ended this way. FBI also released the the chat in between the Kibkalo and the blogger, where he has been discussing about “leaking the entire enterprise.”, while on being told that this is going to be illegal, the convict said, “I know this is illegal :)”.

The trail followed back when the blogger asked a programmer to review the source code leaked and by putting a condition of not having his identity revealed, the programmer reported to the Microsoft about having Windows operating system source code.

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