A bizarre kind of a fish species is threatening to form its territory in a lake in Boulder County, which has raised concerns of the rangers of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. According to the Wildlife authorities, in past few years, some unknown people dropped certain kinds of exotic goldfish in the Teller Lake No. 5 water’s edge, situated off the Valmont Road. The officials said that even though this seems to be attractive, but it is actually dangerous because the goldfish species is reproducing and has spawned into a huge number.

Exotic Goldfish species dumped in a boulder county lake posing serious threat to native fish

A species that should not be an inhabitant of Boulder County Lake

The reports were shocking for the authorities because a whole range of goldfish has started lining the lake’s shoreline. The species is not supposed to be the inhabitant of the lake there. According to Jennifer Churchill of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, this is a serious problem. Churchill explains that this scenario has probably kicked off in a recent past, but now, the number of these fish is as many in thousands (approximately 4,000). The reason of authorities’ concern is that the goldfish species is creating damage there.

Jennifer Churchill explains that the reason for concern is that the goldfish species is ending up residing at the downstream. There are possibilities that they may bring about new ailments to the surroundings and environ. At the same time, there are chances that they out-shine the native fish there.

Removal options

Churchill explains that removal of this species is vital, and the options in hand include electroshock to the entire starting over by draining the entire lake. Jennifer adds that the only thing they want is that the Colorado water should be healthy.

The future action plan is being decided upon and worked by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife along with Boulder County. People are recommended and advised to rid off the pets, mainly fish, in a proper manner. Animal control needs to be called in case of concerns and queries.

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