With the market for wearable technology expected to scale up the multibillion mark ladder, Apple is rumored to bring iWatch, its first wearable venture technology, in production in response to Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy Gear and other such smart devices expected to launch in 2014. The device is expected to go into mass production from July through September, 2 million units in all. An analyst has reported that iWatch is likely to be unveiled with the iPhone 6 in September.

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Global Head of Technology Brian White predicted that Apple iWatch will make market a better place for wearables. White stated that Apple is going to bring the iWatch to market this year, estimating that the newcomer grabbing the headlines in this arena would cost the consumers somewhere between $199 to $229.

As per previous rumors, Apple was believed to have it in the prototype testing phase with multiple models and differently sized screens, including a 1.4-inch model, a 1.5-inch model and a 1.6-inch model.

However, recent reports have revealed that Apple has finalized the design of iWatch, which would be a round shape like a regular watch. It is also expected to enter production late July. The NYTimes first reported on the device, which was then followed by a Bloomberg article stating that Apple has a team of 100 designers working on the iWatch project. An earlier report by Financial Times reported that Apple wanted to cash on the skill of Swiss watchmakers Swatch when it came to the design of the upcoming Apple device, so as to create a smart watch with a traditional mechanism.

As per LA Times, the smart watch will feature a curved screen, following the footsteps of Samsung and LG. iWatch is also rumored to use flexible 1.52-inch OLED or P-OLED display, LG Display apparently producing displays for the device.

As a means to combat the battery issue that Apple has with its devices, iWatch will reportedly sport integrated wireless battery charging capabilities, according to a new report from China. Apple seems to have taken on the task to ensure that the battery of iWatch does not discharge for 5 days. Luxshare sources have revealed that the company has provided wireless charging coils for the device, which is pending approval from Apple, on which depends the supply of wireless charging module. iWatch may feature LG’s stepped batteries, increasing the longevity of the iWatch by 16 times.

The smart device is rumored to be able to track health-related metrics such as calories burned, quality of sleep, heart rate and number of steps taken through in-built sensors. Through this feature, Apple is apparently aiming to take the concept of health tracking within reach of the general public. Apple is apparently designing iOS 8 for health-tracking purposes. If rumors are to be believed, Taiwanese firm Richtek is designing the chip for iWatch, which would be then manufactured by Samsung.

The swarming reports on the release and specs of iWatch have given rise to more speculation about the smart device than ever before. In addition to that, the collaboration of Nike with Apple is also rumored to bring an iWatch having curved display in it.

Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker, has added even more fuel to the fire by making comments regarding Apple and Nike producing a wearable piece of tech in the not too distant future.

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