A third instance of starving sea lion pups being washed up on the shores of California has recently been witnessed. The instance has sent panic waves among experts who are shocked to observe such a dreaded scenario. Experts, however, are unable to understand the driving cause behind the incidences. They are also mystified by the question as to what changes in the surroundings are triggering the unfortunate washing up of pups on the shores.

The numbers of sea lion pups on California’s shores are increasing by the day. The matter is of great concern because, at this time of their age, these pups should have been with their mothers in Channel Islands or Mexico, explained experts. Although this is not the first time in history that such news has come up, the greatness in number has pulled off alarms among researchers. They are still unsure of the phenomenon that is causing the event to occur and that too in increasing numbers.

In this context, the San Pedro Center’s Operating Director, David Bard, highlighted that the number of abandoned pups found has already reached double as that of 2013. Back then, the number had created history and this year, even that number is being surpassed.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued statistics that revealed that in 2013, the number of starving sea lion pups spotted were as much as 1500. These pups were found to be extremely underweight, emaciated and dehydrated.

Marine scientists have blamed the increasing temperatures of the waters to be the trigger cause that has led to such an upsurge in the number of abandoned sea lion pups. They explained that the nursing sea lions abandoned their offspring in search of food at far-away places. These starving pups, as a result, are forced to jump into the sea and are eventually pulled to the coastline.

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  1. tombo

    In no way this can be caused by Fukushima. There is no scientific evidinse that billion of gallons of nuclear contaminated water dumped in the pacific for four years is related. Nuclear meltdowns are not harming the environment in an explainable way….go fish!

    • Jane White

      It makes the most sense that it has something to do with Fukushima…same thing with the current California drought.


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