“The next five years will be defined by apps,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced.

On Thursday Facebook underwent a major facelift and added new features link face and voice to it’s every growing 800 Million account base.

Zuckerberg called the facelift “is an important next step in telling your life.”

Facebook has invested energy and resources to make some of the most amazing enhancements yet offered in the Social Media Space. These enhancements include a new feature called Timeline and new media deals with Music and Video companies. Including the ability to play games online with other Facebook people all over the world. It is clear that Facebook is trying to not only be a gathering place for people online to discuss current events but also a one stop shop place for people looking for engaging content.

It is no surprise that Facebook is aggressively ramping up its services as Google has just released Google+1 a new social networking site. Both Companies are trying to sway the estimated 1+ Billion Social Networking Users to use them.

It will be interesting to see if Facebook can fend off the massive power of Google. Or if they will slowly fall to the “new” social media website. Only time will tell, but in the end as both companies push the edge to keep users there is no doubt that we will see some amazing improvements to the social media web space.

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