Facebook, the king of all social networking sites, is now rolling out a new feature called ‘Instant Articles’ which will allow users to read content and watch videos from other sites directly. With this feature, Facebook users will be able to access content, videos and other content directly on their favorite site without clicking on to external links like BBC, Huffington Post, Mashable, Buzzfeed, etc.

The idea behind this move is to keep users glued to the networking site without them clicking on to the links appearing on their timeline to get across to that information. The California based network is reportedly in talks with major content creators in exchange for ad revenue for the same.

No details about the proposed ad sharing have been leaked out to the media so far, though they are said to be keen to make the proposal un-turn-down-ably attractive for the publishers choosing to do so.

This latest move by Facebook will serve a dual purpose. It will keep the loyal users of the site hooked on to it for a longer duration besides ensuring casual surfers are not subjected to frustratingly long load times when clicking on external links.

This latest roll out comes only a few days after the site officials had announced their decision regarding a new feature which would allow users to prioritize content from certain contacts on their list.

Since Facebook has the potential to divert substantial traffic to major publishers, video based sites and content creators, this could mean a hot new stream of revenue for the site which, though raking in huge profits, is keen to monetize the billions of clicks which these publishers get every day through Facebook shares and likes.

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