Facebook security engineer,  Joe Sullivan called up a meet with reporters to explain about the company’s view on security, how it was before and after the Edward Snowden leaks. Saying, except few important changes the posture is very same as it was previously, Sullvian said, there is no way government can make a way in except the front door.

While securing the social networking is an important aspect, Sullivan said, strengthening of security is an over all process, and we are achieving it by securing the traffic by enabling SSL/TLS support, or commonly known as HTTPS. Previously which was 1024-bit, Sullivan said, is now of 2048-bit SSL encryption, the strength has just been doubled than it was in the past.

To aware employees about common security threats including social engineering, he said, they annually conduct a program in the month of October, known as Hacktober. In this, one employee tries to hack, while other saves from being hacked, the one who is successful gets a “Hack-o-lantern” tshirt. He explains that this is a fun way to teach and aware employees about security threats.

Talking about Edward Snowden and his leaks about NSA plans to extract and collect users information from the internet giants including Facebook, Sullivan also included that, “I think as a company we’ve matured a lot, we’ve been learning a lot, it’s hard to deal with the constant stops and spurts of stories, and to figure out what’s really going on, but a world more concerned with security and things like encryption…that’s the silver lining on this.”

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg also a couple days ago made a call to Mr. President expressing his frustration about NSA plans to spy on the Internet.

For the past nine most months, due to Edward Snowden leaks about NSA plans to spy on Internet, people has lost the trust in open and free for Internet for all. And the strengthening of security posture protects the company to very extent but government can always come up and ask for the users’ datas under the action of law and enforcement.


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