Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has announced that the company will now allow advertisers to advertise beyond Facebook and its mobile app. It is not a surprise that the company is now going to display ads in the other mobile apps as a part of its Audience Network, which was introduced in the April this year. The social networking giant is already generating a heavy revenue by displaying ads on its website and is supposedly following the footsteps of Google to expand its business. The “like” presented by Facebook is worth a lot to the advertisers. It helps them expand their business and reach deeper in the market.

Facebook is now allowing any of the 1.5 million active advertisers to launch their ad campaign on other different mobile applications via ‘Audience Network.’ However, it only depends on the company, whether it will allow the ads or not.

Facebook said, “ The Audience Network provides a quick and easy way to connect these apps with the more than 1.5 million active advertisers on Facebook. Over the past few months, we’ve optimized our network to improve performance, and today we’re formally launching and extending the service to more developers and publishers across the globe.”

This new move from the company is probably going to put more advertisements across the apps, websites and the entire Internet. Facebook will make sure that the ad campaigns are not becoming a nuisance for the users seeing it.

“As a company, we’ve put a lot of effort into figuring out how to help developers manage the transition to mobile, and specifically the transition to mobile apps,” said Sriram Kirshnan, product manager and head of mobile monetization at Facebook, in an interview.

It has already started giving benefits to some of the advertisers, “We’ve seen CPMs that are 2X or better with Facebook’s Audience Network compared to other top ad networks. We end up being able to show our users fewer ads because with the Audience Network; we can show the right ads to the right people.”
– Chris Akhavan, President of Publishing at Glu Mobile.

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