CALIFORNIA – Facebook Inc. has introduced a new “Ask” button that almost completely destroys relationship privacy. People whose profile’s feature a blank relationship status now have an “Ask” button next to empty “Relationship” section.

Friends will be able to press the button and guilt other users to give up the status of their relationship. While users can choose not to answer the relationship status query at all, it may guilt people into giving out private information. If a user does choose to answer the inquiry, he or she may choose to either send the info in a private message to the asker, or just make the response public and let everyone in on the big secret.

Previously, Facebook had only put the “Ask” button next to other pieces of information, including locations, employers, and phone numbers. Now, however, the social media giant has deiced to extend that option to relationship statuses.

Although not many people may actually use the “Ask” button due to embarrassment or a lack of care, it might make users more readily have their info public instead of keeping it private. The “Ask” button, though perhaps not intentionally, draws attention to the fact that users might be hiding something. Although a Facebook user may just not like snooping people, the new button seems to scream that he or she is trying to cover something up.

Facebook’s decision to include the “Ask” button begs the simple question of “why?” Is it to guilt people into publicizing their relationship status? Is it to prevent people from hiding hurtful relationships from others? What do you think? And how will this new change affect you? Let us know below!

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