Facebook has now introduced a new social networking platform that is solely intended for the security experts in a number of companies around the world. Announcing today, the social networking giant said that the ThreatExchange program will help the participating companies to discuss and help mitigate the cyber threats.

ThreatExchange initially has Yahoo and few other firms on board, and soon is expected to have more on it. There isn’t any much difference in between the existing and the new cyber security social network. Company said that it has been developed on the same fundamentals except there are few additional APIs for the corporates to work together on the threats.


“ThreatExchange is a platform created by Facebook that enables security professionals anywhere to share threat information more easily, learn from each other’s discoveries, and make their own systems safer,” the project’s website says. “We included a set of privacy controls so that participants can help protect any sensitive data by specifying who can see the threat information they contribute.”

“It was natural for us because our core service is a platform for sharing and because we already had a threat analysis framework called ThreatData that we could build upon,” Mark Hammell, manager of the Threat Infrastructure team, wrote in a blog post.

Facebook is apparently solving one of the biggest issues faced by the corporate world regarding cyber security. Improving the overall safety and finding new bugs has always been a difficult task for the security researchers, however, due to the lack of a communication channel in between other researchers and a fear of the loophole to go in wrong hands, these experts always refrained to tell it to anybody. However, with ThreatExchange one can easily and reliably share the information on new threats or malwares. Facebook has provided the ThreatExchange users with tools to share the information publicly or privately.

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