Due to pressure coming from its 1.28 billion users, Facebook has decided to make some changes to its privacy settings.

New Facebook users will now only have their posts shared with family and friends, with an option to make posts shared with everyone. Prior to this, Facebook’s default setting was to have new posts shared with the entire world. This led to people accidentally sharing information with strangers.

The change were due to overwhelming pressure from Facebook users who wanted more privacy regulations. While the change has no impact on current users of the social media site, it will make it a safer place for new users. According to Mike Nowak, Facebook’s privacy product manager, it is important for new users to get the best experience possible.

“We want people’s first impressions of Facebook to be as awesome as possible, and we know it is worse to accidentally overshare than to accidentally undershare,” Nowak was quoted as saying.

“While some people want to post to everyone, others have told us that they are more comfortable sharing with a smaller group, like just their friends,” a Facebook post added.

Facebook will also be implementing a new and expanded Privacy Checkup. The new tool will be come out sometime in the next few weeks, with the purpose of it to make sure people know who can see their posts. It is also lets people know what apps have access to their profiles, and who can see personal information.

Do you think these new Facebook changes will be effective? Or will they still not be enough for people who are concerned over privacy issues ? Let us know below!


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