Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is now going to enter the health sector. After Apple and Google jumped in to provide users with tools and hardware to help in tracking their health, the social networking giant is now going to put its first step in the health industry. According to reports, Facebook is already having meetings with the people in the health industry to work on it.

After knowing almost everything about your social life, the company is now making its way to know about your health status. There are supposedly two reason for Facebook to do so. Since the health industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, the social networking giant will be able to sell more ads to the users. For an instance if a user has diabetes, Facebook algorithms will target the user with the ads that are having insulin injections and other medicines for sale.

While on the another side, which can actually become a good cover and help user too, the social networking giant is going to set up some “support communities” that would connect Facebook users suffering from different ailments. However, the company is also going to set up a new “preventative care” applications to help live them with a better lifestyle.

Facebook back in the year 2012 started an “organ donor status initiative,” which allowed the company to change the status of users to specify their organ status donor status. Around 13,000 people registered for to be an organ donor.

Other companies, including Google and Apple, are having their hardware and software products together to help the user to help track its health status. However, Facebook is supposedly creating a community that would bring together all those who are having different health problems. The service will probably help them to be fit again.

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