If you are Facebook user, you must be aware by that we can no more send and receive messages from the mobile app. The Facebook now requires you to use the standalone Messenger app for mobile chats.

In April, the social network announced that it will kill the chat feature in its main iOS and Android apps and instead of this now all user have to download the Messenger app to talk with friends. It will make both app faster, according to Facebook; users can load their news feed and send messages.


While Facebook and Messenger merge two different apps, Android users have given nearly about 800,000 one-star reviews of the app while the iOS version has averaged rating. Wrong information and lack of trust in the social network have broken users’ recent gripes.


There are not only disadvantage only, but few advantages are also here, one of them is merge messaging. The browser-based version also gives a nearly identical feature set and navigation menu. And as seen over at ITworld, the Facebook app can put a dent in your battery life, meaning that it’s better to delete it and to rely more on the web version instead of that.

To be fair, Facebook’s many imitation pas have earned the company knee-jerk reaction from app users. In reality, Messenger’s permission is not that much separate from other apps that other user use and they are also as good as some may claim.
Here is some most-common misconception about Messenger app.
Facebook’s permission is unreasonable.
Facebook can listen to your audio.
Facebook wants a copy of your contacts list.
Facebook will snoop on your text messages.
Facebook tracks your location

In other words, before you relinquish Facebook in a temper, at least give one try to Messenger app.

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