Facebook has given its users all liability to stop those annoying posts and people to appear on the newsfeed, in its all new News Feed Management System. The system is now available on desktops, iOS and Android, which can be accessed by clicking on the More icon on the Facebook app. Android users see an option called News Feed Settings, whereas iOS distinctively calls it Manage News Feed. On the said tabs, there are options to Unfollow, and it all happens without unfriending someone on your friend list, nor do you have to unlike if it’s a page.

Facebook’s news feed is the first thing one can see after signing in into one’s account. It consists of what you’re friends are doing; their check-ins, statuses, photographs and so on. The feature is available ever since the feature was introduced in 2006.

The Facebook newsfeed is often cramped up. Showing up all data from everyone in the friendlist, and also from the pages which one likes. At times this stuff gets annoying, because it has some random selfies which you probably don’t want to see, and due to the logging, you might also miss out on some important posts which are more relevant to your reasons of surfing Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s chief executive, said, “With news feed, our goal is to build the perfect, personalized newspaper for everyone in the world.”

If at all after a point in time you want to get updates from someone you have unfollowed, you can go back to using the same settings and follow that person back.There will also be an add on very soon by Facebook called ‘news feed settings’, where you can keep a tab on your own Facebook use, as to which profiles have you stumbled upon frequently in a week’s time.

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