Making another move in connecting people around the world, Facebook Inc, (NASDAQ:FB) with its initiative,, announced that the company is building drones, lasers and satellites for everyone to have a good quality internet service.


With only one-third of the world population connected to the Internet, the company aims at providing the connectivity to the rest of it by producing drones and satellites orbiting the Earth. They said, the drones will be flying at a height of 20,000 m, which is even above the weather, and the satellites orbiting around will have the laser connectivity.


Mark Zuckerberg, in a blog post wrote, “Our team has many of the world’s leading experts in aerospace and communications technology, including from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and Ames Research Center. Today we are also bringing on key members of the team from Ascenta, a small UK-based company whose founders created early versions of Zephyr, which became the world’s longest flying solar-powered unmanned aircraft. They will join our team working on connectivity aircraft.” He also said that, “We’ve made good progress so far. Over the past year, our work in the Philippines and Paraguay alone has doubled the number of people using mobile data with the operators we’ve partnered with, helping 3 million new people access the internet.”

While Facebook made a move to provide connectivity in remote areas with less or no Internet, Turkey blocked the access to the micro blogging website, Twitter, and  the government is looking forward to have the Facebook on the list. The government after being offended with the 140 character blogging service also went for the YouTube.

Google also recently launched a project called ‘loon’, with a mission to provide internet access to rural and remote areas in the world. Both the companies are willing to have the entire population of 7 billion people connected to the internet. But it is not yet possible because many people in this world don’t have food to eat, we just wonder how they will have the devices to access the internet and who will guide them to use it.

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