Facebook is changing how users and mobile developers will share and see various types of media that pops up on the news feed. F8, the Facebook conference where developers learn of new developments from the social media company has announced several changes to the control users have with sharing. Peter Yang, who wrote about the overall goal on Facebook’s official blog, mentions that Facebook wants to lower the amount of implicit sharing and allow for more engagement with explicit sharing. That explicit sharing would mean more time spent on Facebook as a source of discussion on the wall rather than solely on the messenger app.

Peter Yang goes on to say

In general, we’ve found that people engage more with stories that are shared explicitly rather than implicitly, and often feel surprised or confused by stories that are shared implicitly or automatically. Over the past year, the number of implicitly shared stories in News Feed has naturally declined. This decline is correlated with how often people mark app posts as spam, which dropped by 75% over the same period. In the coming months, we will continue to prioritize explicitly shared stories from apps in News Feed and Ticker over implicitly shared stories.

Peter does offer a short guide to several alternatives for developers to help push for more personal engagement by suggesting a new feature called “Send to Mobile”. Send to Mobile allows users to log in on websites using the Facebook log in, but will then offer the option to download immediately on to the mobile device. This could mean more downloads for developers once this new function is released.

Also announced at the F8 conference is the ability to share content within apps using a new like button. This feature is in beta for iOS but will soon be released for Android as well. Yang mentions that the like buttons on websites are viewed around 10 million times every day on websites. The overall goal is to share content and engage more, but only under Facebook’s new guidelines. With over 200 million people using the messenger app every month, expect a more inviting social site in coming weeks.

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