Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has announced its plans to brings more change into its News Feed algorithm that favours more breaking news headlines. That means more users are likely to see posts that are trending. The primary aim of News Feed is to provide a useful content to the users at the right moment, so they do not miss out an outstanding story. Current algorithms work in a way that they show you the most liked/commented posts, which most of the times are outdated, however, this new algorithm is supposedly going to put more trending and new content in the News Feed.

Erich Owens and David Vickrey, software engineers at Facebook said in a blog post “Our goal with News Feed is to show everyone the right content at the right time, so they don’t miss the stories that are important to them. We’ve heard feedback that there are some instances where a post from a friend or a Page you are connected to is only attractive at a certain moment, for example, when you are both watching the same sports game, or talking about the season premiere of a favorite TV show. There are also times when a post that is a day or two old may not be relevant to you anymore. Our latest update to News Feed ranking looks at two new factors to determine if a story is more important at the moment than other types of updates.”

Facebook is currently considering the number of likes on the post to determine how high up it appears in the News Feed, but the company announced that the decision will be taken by looking at the likes, comments and shares by the people. Early testing of this new algorithm tweak shows a 6% increase in engagement (more shares, likes, comments, and clicks).

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