In an effort to make it easier to buy or sell products and / or services on their platform, Facebook has just introduced a Craiglist like feature which will enable users to post items they wish to sell. Though the leading networking site in the word already has a group “For Sale Group’ where people who want to buy and sell items can come together, the new feature will allow users to do so in a more streamlined manner.

With the introduction of this update, groups which allow transactions will now be able to have a ‘Sell’ button. Sellers can then add other information such as the item description, price as well as location as well. not only that, they can also update their offers with options like ‘Available’ or ‘Sold,’ thus making it so much more easier for both buyers and sellers. Users can also view the catalog of items previously sold in that particular group.

The site owners hope this feature to benefit small time businesses which lack the resources to build a big online presence.

To be able to avail of this feature, Facebook asks Group administrators to nominate their group for inclusion as a ‘For Sale Group’, which will give them access to this feature. Though the site owners haven’t stated that explicitly, we understand that it is a aprt of their efforts to ensure that Facebook users don’t start misusing this platform to trade in illegal goods.

The commendable thing about the new feature is that Facebook does not intend to kake a profit out of it. They will neither help with processing the payment or help with delivery or pickup- all they are doing is providing a common platform where buyers and sellers can come together.

This feature will be available in the coming months to all such ‘for sale’ groups and to the platforms iOs, Android and the internet.

Waking up to the need of the hour- the site owners saw that som groups were actively encouraging members to buy or sell. Instead of impose new rules to curb trading, they thought of embracing their community!


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