Facebook is now planning to remove the messenger app from its main Facebook app for smartphones, instead users will be required to download it separately. Although the message icon is still there, users will be directed to the Messenger app everytime they tap on it.

People in the European countries have already confirmed about Facebook asking them to use the separate messaging app, and soon it is expected to happen in the rest of the world. Facebook spokesperson wrote, “We are starting to notify people this week and will be rolling this out on Android and [Apple’s] iOS to a handful of countries over the next couple of weeks”

He also included that, “Chat heads aren’t going anywhere on Android, in fact people who download Messenger on Android gain chat heads because they were not a feature in the core Android app”.

Facebook supposedly doing it to have the less friction on smartphones running on low hardware specifications, especially the low end Android smartphones. The company has already introduced Paper Stories app only for iOS and with features like voice calling in the messaging app, Facebook have many reasons for the users to do it.

The recent acquisition of WhatsApp, a cross platform messaging app, by the Facebook can also be integrated in the upcoming releases of the Messenger app. Although the company’s spokesperson didn’t shed a word, it is much of expected that the company will be integrating features for the Messenger app that talks with the WhatsApp installed in the smartphone.

In the recent news, Facebook, with its initiative Internet.org, is also working on to provide internet access in the areas with less or no internet connectivity. The project would be accomplished by using satellites and drones orbiting around the Earth. Providing a strong signal strength, the drones would be flying in the Earth’s atmosphere where the satellites would stay out of it.




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  1. Facebook separă Messenger de la principala aplicație Facebook | ITBoard

    […] Utilizatorii din țările europene au confirmat deja faptul că Facebook le-a cerut să folosească aplicația de mesagerie separat, și, în curând, este de așteptat ca aceasta să se întâmple și cu restul lumii. Purtătorul de cuvânt al Facebook a scris, „Începem să anunțăm utilizatorii în această săptămână și apoi îl vom rula pe Android și iOS [Apple] pentru un număr restrâns de țări în următoarele două săptămâni”. De asemenea, el a mai amintit faptul că, „chat-ul nu pleacă nicăieri pe Android, de fapt, oamenii care descarcă Messenger pe Android câștigă în plus chat, deoarece acestea nu a fost o caracteristică de bază a aplicației Android”. Compania a introdus deja Paper Stories, o aplicație doar pentru iOS și cu caracteristici cum ar fi apeluri voce în aplicația de mesaje. Sursa: The West Side Story […]


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