Facebook Inc. is always business-oriented and at the F8 annual conference, the developer unveiled new services such as Facebook Audience Network, which will help advertisers to promote their businesses on Facebook, a similar service to Google Adwords. From now on, ads will be displayed on Facebook websites continuously.

Who will gain from this? The companies will reach a target audience, and Facebook will provide its platform in order to allow adds to be displayed non stop. Facebook has already “suffered” a series of upgrades to facilitate the release of new applications.

Facebook Audience Network

The Audience Network is Facebook’s most important Relevant Products/Services strategy, and it’s because the new mobile application will allow advertisers to reach the target audience without being limited to this social networking website only.

At the beginning of 2014, Facebook teamed with its partners to test the network in order to determine the method of how the ads will be displayed if they aren’t shown on Facebook. The trial was successful, so Audience Network was “born” with the purpose of facilitating an impressive number of advertisers.

Since Facebook has over 1 billion users, and most of them access the website daily, more and more companies decided to advertise on the social media website, and they increased their revenues, because the consumers were curious about the products they were promoting, and bought them. But from now on, the companies will have a new way to reach consumers via ads that will be displayed on non Facebook applications.

Anonymous Login

Facebook is a successful business because it has loyal individual users and the “Anonymous login” feature is addressing to those who connect with other websites via Facebook, because these websites have access to their personal information. This issue will no longer bother the Facebook users, because they’ll get to choose not to share their information with any website.

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