Tyler Giuliano was never in trouble with law enforcement. The teenager was an avid flyer of small planes as a cadet for the Civil Air Patrol. He even seemed happy while playing an online game Wednesday night with his friends.

However, just hours later, law enforcement officials said Tyler was found wearing a ski mask and carrying a knife when his father shot and killed him. He father mistook Tyler for a prowler.

There have not been any charges brought against Tyler’s father Jeffrey Giuliano, a teacher in the fifth grade. Tyler was shot in the driveway of his aunt’s home, which is next door to his home, at about 1 am. The Giuliano’s live in New Fairfield, Connecticut.

The town has only about 14,000 residents and the first selectman or the top official elected in the town, said it was as if the event came from a Hollywood script. He said he was not able to recall any other killings in the town during his eight years as a selectman.

A spokesman for the state police of Connecticut said the 15-year old was never in trouble and some people who knew him said he was a good kid and had a very easygoing personality. Both those who knew him and investigators could not explain why Tyler was all dressed in black outside with a weapon.

Police said the incident took place when Giuliano’s sister called him to say someone might be attempting to enter her home. Giuliano grabbed his handgun and proceeded to go outside and investigate.

Once outside he confronted an individual who was wearing a ski mask. He fired at the person when he came towards him with a shiny object in his hand, said police. Police later told Giuliano he had killed his son.

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