A Bangladeshi man has been detained by authorities after trying to carry out a bomb plot. The man arrived in the U.S. with the idea of carrying out a jihad, but authorities arrested him in an elaborate sting that was orchestrated by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The man had thought he had a car bomb that he would blow up outside the Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan. However, the FBI had given him fake materials to build the bomb and he was arrested while trying to detonate the bomb.

The man, Qauzi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, went to a warehouse to assemble the bomb a few days prior to the scheduled bombing on Wednesday. The bomb weighed over 1,000 pounds however, authorities used inert materials to build the bomb and the FBI said that at no time was the public in any danger. Nafis, asked an undercover agent to video tape him so everyone could see what he had done for the cause.

Nafis is only 21 years old and was detained on Wednesday by agents from the FBI, while he was using a cell phone that he thought was the detonator for the bomb. He attempted on several occasions to detonate the bomb that was inside the vehicle he had parked just outside the Federal Reserve Bank building.

On Wednesday afternoon, the suspect was in Federal Court in Brooklyn to hear the charges against him. He was charged with trying to provide a terrorist group with material support and trying to blow up a weapon of mass destruction. The judge informed Nafis he would be held on the charges and would not be given bail.


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