The first nation’s “biosimilar” drug has been approved by the US Food And Drug Administration. It is a move that has been embraced positively by many Americans citing that it would lead to more affordable medication and especially to those who use the cutting-edge biologic drugs.

Biologic drugs are said to be innovative and into more use by the cancer patients and those with rheumatoid arthritis. Cancer patient always experience low levels of white blood cells and these drugs come in handy in managing the situation. However it is of great concern that these drugs as helpful as they sound to be are not affordable to everyone. “They have very high prices,” said Dr. John Jenkins, director of FDA’s Office of New Drugs.


To contest the aspect of the high prices, the FDA through Affordable Care Act is working towards a streamlined process for approval of other “biosimilar” products that would act in the same position as the biologic drugs to cancer patients. Never the less Biosimilar cannot be said to be an exact replica of biologic drug but it has various similarities. As such once the approvals are in place it is estimated that the US patients and the Insurers will be able to save $22.7 billion within a decade. There is likelihood that the first drugs to receive such approvals would be the Zarxio whose probability of being similar to the cancer drug Neupogen is higher. The move that is being undertaken by FDA in helping the cancer patients is likely to elicit competition.

And by the way both Zarxio and Neupogen are used to lighten the chemotherapy effects and complications whereby patients tend to lose a lot of white blood cells. Beside the said two drugs FDA is also considering to substitute Remicade, a rheumatoid arthritis drug. This has been well embraced by one of the rheumatoid arthritis patients who has confirmed that the biolsimialr version will save her a lot of money. After all, “which patient does not want to pay less.”

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