Feedly, the RSS reader that managed to scoop up most of the Google Reader users, has been offline since Wednesday, after repeated DDOS attacks from an organisation who wants Feedly to pay to keep their service in check. This extortion attempt has not worked for the DDOS attackers yet, but it is keeping the website offline.

The DDOS attackers, who have not been named, apparently want Feedly to pay for them to stop. Evernote had the same problem yesterday, affecting all 100 million users of the service, but managed to mitigate the issue within a few hours and get back online. The hackers appear to have given up on Evernote and will now continue to paralyse Feedly. 

In a statement made early this morning, Feedly announced “We are currently being targeted by a second DDoS attack and are working with our service providers to mitigate the issue.” The next post claimed the “criminal,” citing only one person, has continue the attack but Feedly feel confident on getting the service back up and running. 

This is not only bad for Feedly’s users, its bad for Feedly’s future, one of the major things a good RSS reader needs is to always be online to deliver news. If it is offline, users typically cannot find a better solution in the opening few hours of searching, but if Feedly stays offline for more than two days, it might move several users to another RSS reader.

Considering there are a lot of different RSS readers available, this could be a problem for the upstart service, that only gained fame due to having a similar look as Google Reader. Recently, Feedly rolled out a Pro service and lifetime membership for $49 a year and $99 forever. The Pro users will most likely be concerned for Feedly’s future, considering they invested money in the service.

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