A female suicide bomber blew herself up in an attack on a police station situated in the historic Sultanahmet tourist area of the Turkish capital Istanbul. A police officer was killed and another injured in the attack, confirmed the governor of the city and Turkish media. Not much is yet known about the identity of the suicide bomber or her motive.

The woman walked into the police station located in one of the most popular tourist attractions of the ancient city while claiming to have lost her wallet. Witnesses say she was speaking accented English. As the guards outside the police station tried to stop her, she detonated the explosives.

Meanwhile, the city authorities sealed off the site of explosion and halted public transportation into the area which is usually bustling with activity for some time, the Hurriyet Daily News reported. It was resumed shortly afterwards and tourists could be seen walking around the Sultanahmet square inspite of a heavy snowfall.

Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin said police are still trying to identify the woman in the attack. No one has yet come forward and claimed the responsibility for this dastardly act. This is the second such attack on police in the area housing several hugely popular tourist sites including the Hagia Sophia Museum and the Blue Mosque.

On Thursday, police overpowered a man after he threw grenades at a security checkpoint near the prime minister’s office and engaged guards in an exchange of gunfire. The responsibility for that particular blast had later been taken up by the banned leftist Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front.

Police suspect that this bombing attack could be the handiwork of the same outlawed organization, more so because they had threatened of further strikes after the attack on Thursday. The same group was behind a suicide attack at the U.S. embassy last year as well.

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