Stress over money is apparently flowing in oversupply in the U.S. more than anything else, according to a new survey. It is being reported that for every four Americans, one feels stressed about money almost all the time. This is contrast to the increasing sentiments that the economy is in the recovery mode and that things will get better going forward.

Many people have become worried about money, considering it as seen as an enduring evil that must be endured at all costs. Psychologists on their part maintain that the only way out of money related stress is to stop thinking about it and talking out the same with as many people as possible.

Despite 2014 being a good year in terms of job creation, it still did not impact the stress levels as 36% of Polled people aired concerns about their financial capacity. According to the American Psychological Association, 90% of those asked about their level of financial stress reiterated it remained the same as last year, or it is becoming worse.

Parents and millennial lead the pack as the most stressed people with younger group fear coming from the burden of mounting pressure from student loans. Worrying about money remains a waste of time. Instead, people should focus their attention and time on how to earn more. People living in lower-income household were found to be twice as likely compared to wealthier respondents to feel that their financial woes stood in their way of living a more healthful lifestyle.

The financial woes according to the survey is pushing some people into skipping needed trips to see a doctor for health checkups out of financial concerns. Low-income earners surveyed in the study were found to be employing unhealthy ways of dealing with their stress levels such as drinking alcohol, surfing the internet and eating. Most of them also stated they felt lonely and isolated in their stress.

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