The fire chief of Boston will resign his post citing mounting criticism from his deputies for the way he responded to the bombings that took place on April 15 at the end of the Boston Marathon.

Steve Abraira, the Fire Chief, in a letter that was dated Monday, said his resignation would be effective this Friday June 7.

Since the bombing took place, Abraira said thirteen of his deputies complained to Tom Menino, Boston’s Mayor, in a letter. The letter said Abraira had failed to take command of the scene of the bombing making it indefensible and part of his pattern of shirking overall leadership in his department.

Abraira, in his letter of resignation, said the attacks were baseless, but had compelled him to resign his post. He said those attacks have made it next to impossible for him to carry out his responsibilities as the fire chief.

He claims his staff took control of the bombing scene and he had acted appropriately during the event.

Abraira says since he took over the position of chief in 2011 it has been difficult to gain support from the department because he had been hired from outside the Boston fire department.

John Hasson, the current deputy chief has been given the acting chief role and he is one of the 13 who signed the letter in April sent to the mayor.

Abraira became the first Hispanic fire chief of Boston when he took the position in 2011and was the first to be hired from outside the local union. Previously he was the head of the Dallas Fire Department and was Miami’s assistant chief.

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