A fire at Samsung’s backup data center at Gwacheon, South Korea has knocked off services in Samsung SmartHub (Smart TV), Smartphones, Blu-Ray players and every other gadget that utilizes the servers in this particular data center for few hours before being restored. The Samsung App store and any apps that needed communication with the server for particular operation was rendered inoperable during this outage, along with any 3rd party apps that required server authentication before its launching.

Samsung Data center engulfed in fire

The fire which took place on the building’s fourth floor, did not have any fatalities either. The fire affected the building that houses Samsung’s backup datacenter for Samsung’s primary datacenter in Suwon, South Korea. In an official post, Samsung apologized for the incident but did not go into details on how a fire at backup data center can render main services unavailable, which still remains a mystery. Despite the fire, Samsung has no plans to alter the operations and the datacenter will continue to operate in the same manner as before, with the same amount of precautions and environment in place.

This was yet another incident which involved fire as there was one back in March in Samsung’s partner who manufactures PCB for Samsung Galaxy S5 which came as a setback for the Android giant in mass production of the phone just before the launch. Though we do not know the extent of loss for its datacenter accident, the PCB fire incurred a loss of $1 billion, 264 firefighters, 81 vehicles and 8 hours to contain the fire!!!

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