After ten years of partnership, Firefox has finally announced its decision to dump Google and opt for Yahoo instead as its default search engine in the United States over all types of devices- computers, tablets and mobiles. The two have decided to join hands for the next five years. The announcement to this effect was made on Wednesday. Firefox, with a ten percent share, is the third most popular search engine in the world after Google Chrome and Bing.

Google’s three year contract with Firefox, which was said to be worth $1 billion, will come to an end next month. The amount involved in this new Yahoo- Firefox deal has still not been disclosed.

Firefox users across the world make some 100 million searches with this browser every year, said Mozilla. And the non-profit company relies heavily on its revenue from search companies.

“Search is a core part of the online experience for everyone [and] Firefox users alone search the web more than 100 billion times per year,” Mozilla’s Chris Beard wrote in a post to The Mozilla Blog. “Firefox popularized the integration of search in the browser. We instituted a default search option … and we have always provided pre-installed alternatives, and easy ways for our users to change, add or remove search engines.”


This announcement to choose Yahoo over Google comes six months after Google Chrome’s usage left Firefox behind.

“Google has been competing with Mozilla’s core product by releasing and then rapidly updating its own Chrome web browser as a way of controlling the online experience for millions of users. As of May 2014, usage of Chrome has surpassed that of Firefox. And today, they are the number two and three web browsers, respectively, by usage. (Chrome has 21 percent usage share compared to 14 percent for Firefox; Microsoft Internet Explorer is number one with 58.5 percent usage.), it is being said.

The last released financial report of Mozilla shows that nearly $311mn of its revenue came from a SINGLE search company, presumably Google. The deal is hugely important for Yahoo, which under their dynamic CEO Marissa Mayer, have been focusing on search greatly. This new deal will also be the launch pad for redesigned search pages over Yahoo.




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  1. Janice Ruiz

    The author of this should check his terminology: Firefox is not a search engine, nor is Google Chrome. They are browsers, moron.


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