Fitbit unveiled plans to release a new smartwatch Tuesday, called the Fitbit Versa, according to CNN. With a sleek design, the watch will likely appeal to a similar market as Apple’s smartwatch, but will offer a greater focus on fitness and health as well as a more affordable price.

At the same time, the company also announced its new Fitbit Ace, a fitness tracker for kids ages 8 and older. The move allows the company to carve out its own niche in the wearable technology market by offering such a product to younger users. The Ace offers similar features to Fitbit’s Alta tracker, such as sleep tracking and step counting. However, the Ace will also include safety features for kids, preventing them from accessing information about the number of calories burned and body fat percentage, and requiring parents to approve of other users for competitive fitness challenges through the device.

The Versa smartwatch will include a heart rate monitor, will track steps and workouts, and will be fully waterproof for use in the pool, all of which are features that it will share with Apple’s smartwatch. The Apple Watch also offers GPS and a cellular connection, which the Versa does not. However, Versa’s battery can last up to four days to the Apple Watch’s 18 hours. It also boasts a $200 price tag, compared to the Apple Watch’s $329.

Versa also allows women to track their menstrual cycles, including symptoms such as cramps. Unlike the Apple Watch, however, the Versa is not capable of social media or email activity.

In addition to the default silicone watchband, a range of other bands are available including leather, woven, and metal bands.

The company debuted its first smartwatch last year, called the Ionic, to receive mixed reviews. The device included a GPS specifically for runners, but cost nearly as much as an Apple Watch while offering fewer features.

According to Fitbit CEO James Park, the Versa will appeal to a wider audience:

“We launched Fitbit Ionic, our first entry, which allows us to participate in this fast-growing segment. There is a significant opportunity for us to gain more share to launch more mass appeal devices in the category.”

In March, Apple surpassed Fitbit to become the leading brand in the wearable technology market.

The Versa will be available in stores starting in April, and the ace will launch during this year’s second quarter. Pre-orders for both the Ace and the Versa will start this Tuesday.

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