While many broke their phones and a lot missed to play it, the most addictive game Flappy Bird might be coming back to the iOS and Android. Flappy Bird is a game about passing through a series of pipes and making a high score. Though it sounds simple, but is very hard to play.

Flappy Bird author Dong Nguyen in an interview said, he might be bringing back the game back to App Store and Google play, which was removed earlier this year. Dong Nguyen grew up the in village outside Hanoi, his father owned a hardware store and his mother was in a government job.

This game with very simple mechanics has addicted a number of people around the world, everyone was tapping on screen in an attempt to got more farther and make a high score.

Even after making $50,000 a day, Dong Nguyen explains the reason behind taking this game down as he was not able to fit into a celebrity life. While many of us may like it, this developer went for a peace of mind.

He said, addiction and unwanted fame he received are mostly the reasons behind removing the game.

After the removal a many more rumors came out about developer to delete this game forever. While removal resulted in people showing anger on Facebook and Twitter, some threatened to end their life if the game is not restored.

This game was very much appreciated and criticized at the same time, the developer of Super Mario says that Dong Nguyen has stolen idea from his game, pipes used are very much similar to that in it.

While many replicated the game and uploaded on the play store, many hackers took advantage of it by uploading malicious version of Flappy Bird on play store as well as on the internet.

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