The Air Force in Israel killed a jihad militant on Tuesday in the Gaza Strip. The targeted strike by the IAF was the first one since Operation Pillar in 2012.

A Shati refugee camp resident, Hitham Ziyad Mishal, according to Shin Bet was one of the Gaza Strip’s cornerstones of terrorism, specializing in arms deals. Mishal is said to have improved, manufactured and even traded various weapons, mainly improvised bombs and rockets, which he then passed on to different groups dealing in terrorism in Gaza.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister said Israel targeted a person involved in the rocket fire on the city of Eilat. Netanyahu said Israel would respond to the rocket fire and would not accept the continuous firing of rockets from Gaza and the Sinai.

Sources in the military said it was unclear who the others were wounded in the air strike.

The IAF also attacked two targets over the weekend – a terrorist facility and an arms depot – in Gaza’s southern end. The military said Israel would continue to carry out operations against those attempting to harm its citizens and soldiers.

Defense sources said that Mishal helped a group known as Shura Council of Mujahideen near Jerusalem, which gets it inspiration from the global jihad and has been involved in different attacks, one of which was at the border between Israel and Egypt that killed a Defense Ministry contract worker.

April has seen concerns over security heightened in areas of the country near Gaza. Mortar bombs and rockets have been fired at settlements in the area and two rockets were shot at the tourist city of Eilat.


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