Alarm bells for climate change have been ringing for the longest time and are expected to get louder into the future even after it emerged that Florida officials were banned from using the term Climate change, global warming and sustainability in reports and official communication.

According to Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, upon election in 2011, current governor, Rick Scott, administration banned the use of the terms, allegations that his spokeswoman vehemently denies.


Four former employees working for the environmental agency confirmed the ban was implemented verbally across the state with employees told not to discuss anything that was not a fact. It is still unclear how Scott administration was able to determine global warming is not real in lieu to the fact that it is a wide spoken topic across the globe.

The ban comes as a surprise as Florida is one of the most susceptible states to the effects of global warming, according to scientists. Sea level rises alone threatens nearly 30% of the state’s beaches. One former employee who worked during Scot’s first term reign says staffers were warned about using the terms in reports as they would bring unintended attention to the projects they were working on.

The allegations only go to show how political leadership is unwilling to address the issues of global warming and climate change head-on. The governor has already expressed his opinion reiterating that it is unlikely climate change is occurring. Scott Predecessor, Charlie Crist, on the other hand, was a proponent of climate change forming a number of committees, campaigns, and conferences on the same

The ban on the use of ‘sea-level rise’ however seems to have ended after the governor unveiled a $106 million plan to deal with the effects of rising seas for the construction of things like a sewage treatment plant in the keys. Critics, however, argue this is not enough to protect homes roads and infrastructure.

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  1. jimrussell

    Here we go again.

    Just when you think this Republican gang that can’t shoot straight or govern
    can’t top their previous dysfunctional ignorance they come up with yet
    another stupefying statement, belief, idea, or position. Hopefully this
    crowd will drive over the horizon and fall off the edge of the earth
    and save humanity from a return to the stone age. I thought Republicans
    would have to trade their clown car for a clown bus, but now it looks
    like they are going to need a clown train.


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