It is a well known that it is the Flu season here in Napa County and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately enough for the residents of Bay Area, the death of a person diagnosed with flu increases the alarming risk Flu poses for them. The person diagnosed with flu was a 65 year old man, according to Napa County Public Health Division officials. This was the first death reported in Napa County caused by flu.

Earlier, there have been reports of death from Sonoma County, two in Mateo County, and another in San Francisco. However, they might not be the exact number and it is speculated that the exact number, though unknown, might be a lot more than 5. This is because only death of on or under the age of 65 had been reported till now.

The people of the area and the surrounding as well have been urged to obtain the necessary vaccine from the nearest hospital sources. This is in precaution to the huge steep rise in Flu cases witnessed this year. Every year, there have been reports of hundreds of people across the United States to have been either diagnosed or died because of this deadly disease.

To make sure that this deadly disease remains controlled, Napa County’s Public Health Officer, Dr. Karen Smith has urged people to visit to the nearest hospital should they consider themselves or their relatives to have developed conditions of flu. She had also stated that everyone in the household should seriously consider getting a flu vaccine. Moreover,

She also mentions to avoid travelling outdoors if one should be diagnosed with this disease to ensure that it is not spread further in the County. Also, residents of the area should always wash their hands after coming home from outdoors. Such preventive measures would help reduce the risk of flu, if not cure.

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