Thursday is highly anticipated in the Whitey Bulger trial in Boston as Stephen Flemmi known in mob circles as The Rifleman, is expected to testify.

At one time, Flemmi was one of the closest confidants Bulger had, while Bulger ruled the underworld in Boston.

When Flemmi appears in court to testify it will be just the first time in nearly 20 years the two have been in the same room together.

It is expected that Flemmi will talk about what it was that prompted him and Bulger to kill informants for the FBI.

The former Bulger confidant is 79 and pleaded guilty in 2003 to 10 murders. He agreed to testify at Bulger’s trial for the prosecution. Flemmi currently is in prison serving a life sentence.

Flemmi and Bulger were together for the last time back in 1994 when John Connolly their handler for the FBI tipped them off about being indicted.

Bulger fled at that time and was on the lam for many years, but authorities arrested Flemmi before he could escape.

It is thought that Flemmi is the prosecution’s most critical witness. He claims he was present when Bulger strangled two people in the 1980s.

His testimony, prosecutors believe, will give a firsthand account to jurors of how Bulger was corrupt and how close of a relationship he maintained with agents from the FBI.

During the trial last week, tensions boiled over when Bulger and Kevin Weeks, two former mob associates, who also had decades to not see one another, met in court. Those same fireworks could explode when Bulger and Flemmi see one another on Thursday.

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