A four-year-old boy, Wylie Brys, based out of Southeast Arlington discovered a dinosaur that existed about 100 million years ago. Who says that discoveries and inventions can be made only by adults? A young kindergarten kid surprised and shocked the entire world, with what we would like to call the discovery of his lifetime.


This four-year-old southeast Arlington boy was along with his father, Tim. It is believed that the father-son duo was looking for fish fossils while they were in Mansfield. Little did the little kid from kindergarten know what he had discovered. Wylie Brys came to his dad with resembled a huge cow that is armed with an armor.

This discovery we learn was made at a construction site that we believe is located close to the Sprouts Farmers Market. In a nut-shell, this discovery was made at a site that is geographically located about 100 yards away from the busy Matlock Road.

This discovery was not believed to be that of a nodosaur in the first place. A team of paleontologists from the reputed Southern Methodist University initially assumed that the bone was from a nodosaur. Once the piece of bone was brought to the notice of the paleontologists, they rushed to the location where the discovery was made.

To their surprise, they discovered more. A group of volunteers from Dallas Paleontological Society joined hands with the team of paleontologists and visited the site.


One of the members of the team admitted that they did not expect to make a breakthrough. However, luck was on their side. The team observed that the bones had been scattered around the place, This they say prompted them to continue to look for more.

When the bones they found were put together, like pieces of the puzzle, the team realized that they had indeed unearthed over 50 per cent of a nodosaur.

Post this discovery scientist says that they will not why this nodosaur became extinct. However, researchers and scientist will let us know the whereabouts of the nodosaur. All this thanks to the little kindergarten kid who made the initial discovery.

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