Scotland Yard arrested four suspects in connection with a London Islamic boarding school fire. The four suspects are all teenagers. On Saturday, over 128 people, including staff and pupils required evacuation from the Foxbury Avenue Darul Uloom School in Chiselhurst.

The fire is suspected of being a revenge attack against the killing of Lee Rigby a soldier who was slashed and killed on a street in Monday in May.

Two 18-year olds along with two who were just 17, were being held for questioning on arson suspicion, said the Metropolitan police.

The police also announced that patrols and security had been increased around the different London Islamic Centers.

A police spokesperson said the increased police presence in the possible vulnerable locations was to ensure the safety of the people attending them.

The metropolitan police said that thankfully the fire was identified very quickly after it started and therefore no one died in the blaze.

A spokesperson for the school said he had been deeply saddened when he heard the events. He also said security cameras had caught the intruders.

The four teenagers arrested came as officers specializing in counter terrorism continued to conduct their investigation of a fire that destroyed a Muswell Hill Islamic Center last week.

No one to date has been arrested for the crime that also left graffiti linked to the English Defense League, a far right organization.

These incidents are part of an increase in hate crimes that followed the brutal killing of Rigby in the city of Woolwich on May 22, by suspected terrorists.

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