Initial tests carried with the aid of CT angiography resulted in similar outcomes clinically as is with the functional testing carried out during chest pain cases, wherein patients are evaluated full well for being associated with issues pertaining to coronary artery disease.

Functional testing compared full well with CT Scan or Coronary Artery Disease

The Comparison

If over a period of 25 months the disease persists, then the primary composite end-point that evolves is death or nonfatal myocardial infarction, major cardiovascular complications and unstable angina hospitalization occurs in a meek 3.3% of patients down with CT angiography (CTA), whereas those who followed the functional testing has a 3%.

The strategy offered by CTA may come with additional advantage. However, there are lesser invasive catheterizations in this process for lower evident obstructive CAD (3.4% versus 4.3%) in proportion to catheterizations carried out with the obstructive CAD (72.1% versus 47.5%), obtaining revascularization and coronary artery bypass.

What Does Results Portray?

Results portray that CTA is far more viable alternative in comparison to functional testing. These are all non-invasive testing choices carried out in clinical care and apt in providing guidance to studies of diagnostic strategies pertaining to heart disease in near future.

PROMISE is a study carried out using multicentre imaging for evaluating chest pain. It has enrolled 10003 students for symptomatic outpatients that require non-invasive and non-emergent testing for myriad of CAD cases.

Patients at same front or level of medical conditions were assigned to anatomical testing randomly, with CTA and substantial functional testing cases that include stress test, exercise electrocardiogram, stress echocardiography. The patients showed up an average count of 2.5 in terms of cardiovascular risk factors in men, half this figure were that of women.

Doctor’s Views

Associate dean (Clinical/Translational Research, Harvard University)Dr. Elliott Antman had declared that CT angiography is not that non-inferior with regard to functional testing; however, when it comes to quality assurance with PROMISE, the patients can be doubly sure and incredibly assured about the process of overall prognosis.

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