Bullying online has assumed epic proportions these days. Inspite of increased awareness about it, shocking instances continue to send shudders down he spine of discerning individuals all over the world. one such incident was the infamous Gamergate scandal last year, where the video game developer Zoe Quinn had to flee from home following horrendous threats and online harassment.

Quinn’s ex boyfriend threatened to rape her and even kill her, as she was bullied and harassed online. He even posted personal details of her on the internet for the whole world to see so as to cause her embarrassment. Deeply traumatized and shaken by the turn of events, Quinn now hopes to turn things around for others who become victims of cyber bullying.

Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian are other known names from the gaming industry who had to undergo harrowing experiences. While these become talked about instances and get huge coverage there are millions others who continue to suffer in silence. A recent study by Pew Research Center has told that nearly 40percent of the internet users have been subject to abuse at some point of time or other.

To help others going through this nightmarish experience, Quinn and Lifschitz have now founded Crash Override, a site which provides access to experts in information security, hacking, public relations, law enforcement, threat monitoring, and counseling. A unique and inspiring case of fighting back!

“Prior to formal launch, our trial runs had great success in helping victims … feel like they were back in control of their online life,” the network website said.

The site comes to the rescue of all who have been bullied- whether they are looking for future guidance, shelter from abuse or simply want to seek solace.

Of course, every case of online harassment is different; targets, aggressors, and circumstances vary, making it difficult to implement a single procedure. Which is why Crash Override works with clients “to tailor a unique plan of action, informed by our own experience and prior success in the field,” the site said.

Users must remember, however, that Crash Override is not a vigilante group, nor does it take retaliatory action against abusers. With a focus on safety, security, and recovery, the service aims to “disempower abuse and reduce the ability abusers have to perpetuate it.”

“We do not fight harassment with more harassment,” according to the site.

The site is meant to tackle the problem and to comfort those undergoing harassment while working towards reducing the abusers’ ability to perpetuate it.

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