General Motors (NASDAQ: GM) was recently made aware that using some of the features in new Corvette 2015 can put owner behind the bars. It is illegal in some of the states in US to record a voice or conversations of individuals that are not with you. In the new Corvette, the company has provided features to turn on the recording that helps the owner know what happened to the car in situations when it is being parked by a valet.

The Performance Data Recorder (UQT) in the vehicles when put in the valet mode, allows a customer to record the driving of the vehicle. It is most effective when the owner is not having a control over the vehicle, and in the Valet Mode vehicle records the activity and conversation that are going inside the car.

It can act as a protective tool; however, it is also illegal in some of the states that can put the customer behind the bars. The tool that is meant to protect the owner from any nuisance can actually violate the law.

GM said, “ To help our customers use the Performance Data Recorder (UQT) consistent with legal requirements that pertain to audio recording devices, we will be requiring a very important update to the system of each affected vehicle in the near future. We expect that the update will be available early next month. At that time, we will provide details about the update and let you know what steps you need to take, if any, to complete the update for vehicles in your inventory.“

Company has issued instruction to the dealers that they should make sure that the owner should not use Valet Mode in the affected models. However, the company will issue an update for the car, which can protect the owners from into falling such situations.

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